The School of Plastic Surgery is an author’s educational project in Ukraine that helps both young surgeons and experienced plastic surgeons to learn from the founder Pavlo Denyschuk.

Pavlo Denyschuk is a surgeon with more than 30 years of experience, Ph.D., National Secretary of ISAPS (2015-2018), member of ASBS and ISAPS, President of USAPS (2019-2021), who has taught more than 500 surgeons from around the world since 2015 within school of plastic surgery(from Israel, America, EU, CIS countries).


He is invited lecturer of ISAPS congresses around the world (USA, Japan, etc.) on the topics of “Closed rhinoseptoplasty”, “Facial rejuvenation”, etc., sharing his works.
The mission of the School and its author is to provide surgeons from all over the world, in particular from Ukraine, with maximum access to the modern safe methods of plastic surgery, as well as to the features of patient support (rehabilitation, support, etc.).

That is why during the training we can see not only practical “live surgery” by safe trend methods performed by Pavlo Denyschuk, but also communication with the patients, identification of their desires, approaches to providing comfortable, safe and fast rehabilitation developed by the author of the school and ANACOSMA clinic rehabilitators for 25 years of practice.

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4 learning formats

Ресурс 2

Theory and practice

Ресурс 4

Star world

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Guaranteed certificate

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Practical master class program:



Broadcast from the operating room to the lecture hall. Communication with Pavlo Denyschuk and colleagues during the operation


Watch the workshop, when and where it is convenient for you. ask questions to the surgeon and speakers. Watch the recording of the workshop after the training



July 22, 2022


Брайан Мендельсон (Австралия)

Brian Mendelson (Australia)

World expert on facial anatomy and aging, the founder of the method of SPACE-lifting. He is an invited speaker and surgeon of the International Congress of Aesthetic Medicine ICAMPS (2018).

Nuri Celik (Turkey), Alain Fogli (France)

Nuri Celik is a plastic surgeon, professor at the International Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons ISAPS, vice president of the Turkish Association of Aesthetic and Plastic Surgeons. He has worked with the best surgeons in the United States for more than 10 years. Invited speaker and surgeon of international congresses ISAPS Visiting Professor Program 3 2017, ICAMPS 2 in 2019.

Alan Fogli (France) – Plastic Surgeon, Professor of the International Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons ISAPS, Honorary President of the National Organization of Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery, Member of the French Association of Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgeons, Member of the Argentine Association of Plastic Aesthetics, Buenos Aires surgery. Invited speaker and surgeon of the International Congress ISAPS Visiting Professor Program 3 2017.

Константино Мендьета (США)

Constantino Mendieta (USA)

The most popular plastic surgeon in Hollywood (his patients are Kim Kardashian, Justin Timberlake, Jennifer Lopez and others), an ISAPS professor, certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery. He is an invited speaker and surgeon of the International Congress ISAPS Visiting Professor Program 3 2017.

Джонатан Сайкс (США)

Jonathan Sykes (USA)

A plastic surgeon who has performed more than 18,000 facial and neck surgeries, he is director of plastic and reconstructive surgery at the University of California, Davis. Invited speaker and surgeon of the International Congress of Aesthetic Medicine ICAMPS (2018). He held a workshop on blepharoplasty during the Pavel Denyschuk School in 2018.

Оскар Рамирез (США)

Oscar Ramirez (USA)

Plastic surgeon who is in one of the TOP-3 best plastic surgeons in the world. Author of methods of endoscopic and minimally invasive facial rejuvenation. For his contribution to the science of the XXI century in the field of plastic surgery and aesthetic surgery, he was included to the list of 200 leading and outstanding scientists according to the International Biographical Center (Cambridge, England).


Training with a plastic surgery master, the opportunity to “put your hand”, one-on-one practice in the operating room with the best plastic surgeon Pavlo Denyschuk – this is the opportunity you will have.

Training takes place in the modern operating room of the best clinic of plastic surgery of Ukraine ANACOSMA and includes all stages of operation – from marking to operation.

During the training you will receive answers to all questions about the operation that are interesting for you, author’s techniques and methods from Pavlo Denyschuk.


I am really gratefull to Pavlo Denyschuk for detailed explanations, for the selection of patients with the maximum possible techniques! I really enjoyed it!

Inna Lapkina


Thank you very much for the interesting and detailed presentation of the doctor.

Ruslan Salynko


Pavlo Denyschuk, I am delighted. I performed an operation close to your dissertation. Everything worked out well, the hyperhidrosis passed. Aggressive liposuction of the subcutaneous axillary zone.

Eugene Lyaskovsky


I wanted to meet Pavlo Denyschuk for a long time and am very happy to be with Pavlo Denyschuk at the 20th anniversary workshop. The workshop included not only the practical part. Today Pavlo Denyschuk underwent a complex operation on closed rhinoseptoplasty. And as a perfect bonus, I won some training. Now there will be more beautiful noses in Odessa.

Maxim Gomez


I want to thank you for another amazing work shop. It is a great honor to listen and learn from such professional people! Bravo. Everything was performed at the highest level!

Anastasia Beskaravaina


After the knowledge gained from Pavlo Denyschuk, you can safely come for rhinoplasty for the most beautiful nose with minimal injuries.

Armine Kara-Ghazaryan


I will share my impressions about the visit to the 20th anniversary of School of Plastic Surgery Pavlo Denyschuk. The topic of the School was devoted to one of the most difficult sections of plastic surgery - closed organ-preserving rhinoplasty. I am thankful to Pavlo Andreevich for the theoretical material, brilliantly performed operation in the workshop. There was an opportunity to listen to a lecture by one of the best rhinoplasts Yves Saban. Also, thanks to the School, I increased my knowledge in non-surgical contouring of the nose with Radiesse. The acquired knowledge will help me to improve and be the best in the business.

Oleksiy Shkirenko


I am really satisfied with the master workshop, thank you very much to your team for the coordinated work and successful event! And also for the priceless opportunity to learn from the best! Well done!

Yuriy Ivanovych